Cooperative Adaptive Fuzzy Bipartite Containment Control of MASs with Sector-Bounded Quantizer

In regard to the nonlinear second-order multi-agent systems, this paper proposes a quantized cooperative adaptive fuzzy bipartite containment control scheme. Firstly, to effectively deal with the unknown nonlinear terms existing in the multi-agent systems, fuzzy logic systems are introduced due to their universal approximation capability. And a sector-bounded quantizer is introduced to decrease the resource loss, and a compensation strategy based on the hyperbolic tangent function is designed to effectively compensate for the quantized error caused by the introduction of quantizer. Then, by designing an appropriate cooperative adaptive fuzzy control strategy, the bipartite containment control performance is achieved. Based on the Lyapunov stability theorem, it can be proven that the designed cooperative control strategy can stabilize the second-order multi-agent systems. Finally, simulation results validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach